Michele Schalin

Master Anxiety, Fear and Emotions

Master Anxiety, Fear and Emotions

Are you having difficulty calming your mind’s nonstop chatter?
Do you feel anxious or stressed?
Do you want to feel calmer, improve your sleep and have more energy?
I can help you. Think of me as a Fitness Trainer for your mind. 😊

These are live interactive online classes with a short, guided meditation included at the end of every session. I will share videos and articles in between classes to help you get the most out of your class time.

Benefits You Will Receive

  • Understand your emotions and feelings and learn methods to work on your stressors to cope up
    with fear and anxiety 
  • Develop emotional resilience to feel at peace with your surroundings, no matter whatever goes on 
  • Learn methods to channelize your thoughts, break away from negative thought threads and take control over your emotional states 

You’ll learn the basics of the brain and nervous system and the concept of neuroplasticity, and how your brain regulates emotions. Understanding how things work will give you the motivation and dedication you need to implement the simple daily exercises required to train your brain.

I’ll teach you simple, effective techniques and exercises that are easy to implement in your daily life and that promote mental health and well-being. Are all evidence based through research by the scientific community.

Practicing mindful exercises and meditation are scientifically proven to help boost our immune system and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. These tools help us handle stress in our lives and stay more present, grateful, and peaceful.

It also helps prevent us from allowing our mind to ruminate on things that happened in the past and things that might happen in the future, which causes intense suffering for all of us.

You will learn Mindful Awareness. An intentional, non-judgmental awareness of the present moment. Practicing these activities will help you develop focused attention, emotional balance, and well-being.

You will also improve your Social Emotional Learning (SEL). How you acquire the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors needed to develop the skills for self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Session 1 – Best Approach to Mindfulness and Meditation and the Science Behind It
Session 2 – Tips on How To Deal With Anxiety and Process Strong Emotions
Session 3 – How Your Thoughts Can Make You Sick
Session 4 – Why Affirmations Work – How Your Subconscious Mind Learns.