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Mindfulness & Meditation
in Austin,Texas

Tap into the power of manifesting!
Gain mastery over your mind and super-charge healing, unlocking your new level of potential.
Michele Schalin - Mindfulness Coach in Austin, Texas
Mental Fitness Coach
International Speaker
Breathwork Facilitator
Sound Practioner
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What is Mindfulness and How Can it Help Me?

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, without judgement. It’s observing your thinking, physical sensations, emotional reactions, and your environment. When you practice mindfulness, you realize you are not crazy, you just need to learn how to slow the constant chatter of your monkey mind so you feel less stressed, have more energy and live more in the present, leaving you more grateful and peaceful. With peace comes confidence, emotional balance and clarity.

Mindful Transformation For a Better Life

As a Mindfulness Coach in Austin,Texas, I train you in mindfulness, transformative meditation, breathwork and sound therapy practices that you can easily implement into your daily life and drastically improve your mental, emotional and physical health. I’m your Mental Health Fitness Coach.

You will increase your clarity, confidence and self-love and experience more peace of mind and increased vitality!

Are you looking for a professional to support and guide you to achieve a deeper connection and a more profound transformation in your life? I can help you with my personalized mindfulness life programs.

We are victims of our controlling minds

All day we bounce back and forth from our past and future 50% of the time.
This involuntary thinking causes great emotional, mental, and physical stress.
By living more in the present, you will be happier and more peaceful, experiencing less anxiety and depression.
Regain your energy and peace and experience less stress!
Create a life with more confidence, joy, love and vitality!
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