Michele Schalin

Private Coaching

Mindfulness as a life practice that increases your sense of peace, gratitude, joy, and love, while decreasing your stress, anxiety and depression, an overall improvement in your mental health. With guidance and support you will see faster results, consistent improvement, and enjoy your life much more.

I’m your Mental Health Fitness Coach. I help you learn to have more control over your thoughts, process your difficult feelings instead of suppressing them, and calm your mind and body. This boosts your immune system, gives you more energy, and improves your well being so you can combat stress in your life more easily

I share the latest scientific research on how your thoughts and beliefs have a direct impact on your emotional and physical health. Once you understand the mind/body connection, and the healing process, you’ll be empowered and motivated to make some real profound changes in your life!

My healing approach is holistic and empathic, with a strong emphasis on self-love and compassion. Your mindfulness program is customized. You’ll learn techniques that will resonate with you personally and modalities that you will not only enjoy doing, but will speak to you on a deep level.

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Hourly sliding scale options are also available.
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Rock Star


I am struggling with things in my life that are causing me a lot of anxiety, depression or stress. I want to learn how to relax more and feel more peaceful and happy in my life.

I need some direction, structure and resources.

Includes 2 one hour sessions:

  • Discussing effective mindful techniques
  • Meditations, breathwork, affirmations
  • Resources to help you start a practice in your life that will help you feel more content



I am ready to make big changes in my life so I can feel more joy and personal fulfilment I want to learn to love myself more and be more grateful for things in my life, but I don’t know where to begin. I need guidance, coaching, and resources to help me do it.

I am ready to take action, I just need structure and support.

Includes 5 one hour sessions: 

  • Learning the negative emotional and physical impact of anxious thinking
  • Learn how unhealed  trauma effects your daily life
  • Learn effective techniques for handling emotional triggers
  • Change your subconscious beliefs borne out of our cultural conditioning
  • Understand yourself better
  • Get a plan of action!

Zen Master


I am ready for BOOT CAMP!
I have a serious commitment to transform my thinking and my life. I want a mental  fitness coach to help me get more control over my thinking, regulate my emotions and change my subconscious beliefs. I understand this involves brain training and a commitment to sticking to a daily routine and focus to make this happen. I’m ready to rock!

Includes 12 one hour sessions:

  • Follow a  suggested daily routine
  • Receive deep emotional, physical and spiritual healing
  • Develop more love & compassion for yourself and others
  • Learn to manifest through meditation
  • Customize your affirmations
  • Learn how to forgive for your freedom
  • Learn how to your vibrational energy to attract what you want in life
  • Develop a deeper connection, understanding and awareness of yourself
  • Find your purpose 
  • Live a more grateful, fulfilled life with a growing sense of inner peace.