Michele Schalin

Stress Management Training

In the fast-paced corporate world, where the adage “time is money” reigns supreme, employees often find themselves in an unending marathon of meetings, deadlines, and performance pressure, which can lead to heightened stress levels, diminished well-being, and health issues. The cumulative effects of such daily stressors cannot be overstated — they not only compromise individual health and happiness but can also permeate the organization’s culture, leading to reduced productivity and engagement.

Recognizing this challenge, progressive companies are rethinking their approach to employee wellness by fostering cultures of mindfulness and implementing comprehensive stress management programs. A commitment to personal mindfulness, advocacy for change, and a collaborative mindset are instrumental in achieving a healthier, more effective workplace.

I offer comprehensive, customized programs for your team’s unique needs with science based wellness practices to manage stress, improve focus, increase energy, and calm their mind and body. I will equip your team with practical tips and techniques to identify and transform their negative self talk into a more positive mindset. We discuss the importance of acknowledging accomplishments and cultivating gratitude, as well as sharing strategies for effective time management to help them prioritize self care, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction and a work/life balance.


The shift towards mindfulness in the corporate world is not just a trend — it’s a response to the growing recognition of the link between employee well-being and business success. By investing in comprehensive stress management programs, you can build stronger, more resilient teams that are poised to thrive in the face of modern workplace challenges.