Michele Schalin


I feel blessed to offer help to anyone I meet.
However, I feel particularly moved and honored when people share with me how I have helped them make real, profound changes in their lives

Michele has being instrumental in my healing and growth over these past few months. Her empathetic listening, validation and guidance on understanding my thoughts and how they impact my life have helped me regain the ability to steer myself back to a positive path, away from negative emotions. Thank you, Michele, for helping me find peace again.

Mariella A.

Michele is an exceptional facilitator and mindfulness teacher. She is very knowledgeable and has much to share to support you in your journey to pursing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From the softly lit room, to her expert guidance through the breath work and meditation, to the beautiful music created by her singing bowls, I can tell she puts her heart into her offerings as her passion shines through. If you need to hit the reset button from the pressures of your busy day, I highly recommend her in-person class as a way to clear away the clutter of your mind, rebalance your spirit and boost your energy.

Laura H.

What an amazing experience! I am a Spiritual Guide and tarot reader! I stumbled across this event and I am so glad that I did! It was life changing in every way. If you are new to the spiritual world or a seasoned guru… it’s time to tap in to this magnificent experience. My favorite part was everything lol, but specifically the Cacao Ceremony! I will drop a pic below to explain!

Ravin B.

I went to my first Somatic Breathwork & Sound Healing class, guided by Michelle. I can’t really explain how I felt after, other then at peace with myself. I will be returning it was such a powerful experience.

Sam A.

Michele’s conscious breath work and sound healing class was life changing! I am eternally grateful for her guiding us through this powerful experience. I will be coming to many many many more events!!!! If you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey— work with Michele.

Kayla G.

Michele walks the talk of mindfulness and self-discovery. It is easy to get lost in a conversation with Michele and find yourself making powerful life changes. After conversing next to a bonfire hosted by a mutual friend, I was mesmerized by Michele’s perspective on the mental health crisis in America. Michele’s heartfelt wisdom helped me make a decision to get off anti-depressants after taking them for 20 years. Michele continues to guide and support me in discovering other natural modalities to support my mental health and wellness. I also have had the pleasure of attending her breath-work and sound healing sessions. Words can’t describe the benefits, you just need to experience it for yourself. I highly recommend Michele to guide you along your journey of mindfulness, healing, and self discovery.

Sandi B.

Michele is a gifted and knowledgeable empath. She sees how we can shift our thoughts, our breath, our being to a state of positivity, movement and joy, with references to science and studies to support her work. Read her book, Mindful Metamorphosis. Visit her site. mschalin.com and be involved in your own evolution.

Mary Lou B.

I had my first ever breath work meditation experience with Michele yesterday. It was truly incredible, and it far surpassed my expectations. I was able to connect with the tremendous love inside myself, plus release some old, unnecessary energy – all with the aid of my own breath and Michele’s insightful guidance! I highly recommend doing this work with Michele and look forward to doing this again.

Christina W.

Had an amazing experience with breathwork and sound bath led by Michele. She’s incredibly gifted and has tremendous integrity. I plan to be a regular at any event she’s leading and can’t give her a strong enough recommendation.

Michael W.

The experience I had with Michelle’s breathwork and the processes she’s developed to facilitate transformation was profound. Years of blocked energy melted as I agreed to participate with my body’s release. I’ll be back for more.

Renee K.

Attended a holotropic breathwork workshop with Michele in Barcelona yesterday, followed by a sound healing session. It was so potent and powerful that I felt a huge release, and there was a noticeable difference in the stiffness of my neck. She also had A LOT of wisdom nuggets to share. I personally love authentic vulnerable stories, helps me relate to parts of the original story and apply it in my life as needed. Guess this was the perfect eclipse gift I didn’t know I needed.

Preethi P.

I had an amazing experience with Michele at her breathwork session! Beautiful practice. She is so gifted!

Karla A.

Really cool experience! Michele was a great guide, and I appreciated the small format for the group for her breathwork and sound bath session.

Allison G.

I had a group Holotropic Breathing session facilitated by Michele yesterday evening. She did a beautiful job curating this event and put a great deal of thought and tended to the group in a lovely way. I personally had a feeling of being cleansed and purified and when I woke up this morning and my subconscious mind was still in charge I had the feeling that I had a deep cleaning, kind of like you would do to your own home. It is lovely to be in a room with other people and the energy shifts into a higher state and allows us to all have time to let our minds and bodies rest and heal, so important in this world we live in. If you are not sure about holotropic breathwork, because I sure was not, give it a try with Michele. She will see you into and through the experience safely, professionally and lovingly.

Marcy K.

Michele is amazing! Would absolutely recommend her breath work and sound healing session. Will definitely be back!

Julia C.

I had a wonderful experience during her sound baths. She is very professional, easy to connect to, and she provides a warm and safe environment to go within and tap into your inner body. I highly recommend.

Joel L.

I attended Anxiety Workshop (online) last Wednesday night. Michele Schalin did an excellent job in explaining what happens to your body when experiencing stress/high anxiety (especially over a long time). She unlocked the tools we can use to deal with stressful situations. She also explained that we all experience emotions and we need to express them, instead of suppressing them. There was so much good, useful information at this workshop. I am utilizing some of the ‘hacks’ she explained. Michele has a great deal of experience in this area. I definitely would recommend this workshop to anyone experiencing anxiety/stress.

Mary K.

I recently attended a Holotropic Breathwork session with Michele, and it was very profound and deeply healing. Michele is very nurturing and safely guided everyone through the experience. I had a deep emotional and physical release and reconnected with a higher love and forgiveness inside my heart. I felt energized and renewed after the session. I highly recommend Michele!

Amy B.

I had the most wonderful experience at a breath work and sound healing session with Michele! I had never done anything like this but I’m so glad that I took the leap. Michele took us through holotropic breathing with an amazing music and sound bath. I was able to tap into emotions that had been buried and left feeling so much lighter, happier and calm not to mention I had great sleep that night. I am so looking forward to attending another session soon and will be bringing friends.

Valerie C.

I had an excellent experience at Michele’s breath work workshop in Frankfurt. The combination of the exercises, music and sound therapy made me enter a state of deep relaxation that was almost a psychedelic experience. I opened my eyes feeling lighter, present and with a greater sense of connection to the now. A totally recommended experience!

Salvador R.

Truly a 5+++ star experience. Highly recommend Michele. I went to her breathwork + sound bathing (& meditation, songs, etc.!) class in Austin and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope everyone can experience Michele’s talents

Jenna S.

I went to on of the sound healing and breathing practices and it was an amazing experience! I was transported to another dimension it seemed! I will be going back for sure! I also purchased her book! So exciting!

Mary G.

I recently attended the Holotropic Breathwork & Sound Bathing session with Mindful Metamorphosis. Since then, I’ve felt great. It honestly felt like a great reset. I’ve been drinking more water and no alcohol at all, I’ve eaten better, and even had more energy. My focus and clarity feel like they’ve increased as well. I’m so glad I attended this session, and I’m grateful to have Michele to aid in feeling better in my daily life!

Paige M

After working with Michele for just over a year, I am amazed by the invaluable role she has played in promoting a shift in my perspective. With her support, I am developing a deeper understanding of how my mind, body, and spirit work together. As Michele regularly offers insights and practices to incorporate into my daily life, I notice steady changes overtime in how I respond to myself and surrounding circumstances. As a devoted listener, she creates a sense of trust that encourages me to be open about my experiences and explore avenues to heal through them. I am grateful for her guidance and the ever-evolving growth I’m witnessing through it.

Laura R.

I was part of one of Michele’s Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing sessions and it was a powerful, moving experience. Michele guided us through the process with clarity, the Breathwork was very effective for me, and the sound healing was very beautiful and centering. I look forward to participating again. Thank you, Michele!

Rick D.

I had my first ever breath work meditation experience with Michele yesterday. It was truly incredible, and it far surpassed my expectations. I was able to connect with the tremendous love inside myself, plus release some old, unnecessary energy – all with the aid of my own breath and Michele’s insightful guidance! I highly recommend doing this work with Michele and look forward to doing this again.

Christina W.

I enjoyed one of Michele’s group holotrophic breathwork sessions and it was wonderful. It was my first time experiencing holotrophic breathing and Michele explained the process, brought everyone a drop of peppermint oil to clear our passageways and really took the time to explain and prepare us for the session. She was well organized and coordinated music to help us pair our breathing and she really created such a magical space for the experience. Michele exudes such warmth and care and I look forward to my next session with her.

Rachael Peterson

Such a great experience at a Mindful Metamorphosis breathwork and sound session. Even more so I was so pleased on how gentle, soft and caring Michele was. I’ll def go back to one of her events and I look forward to learning from her as well.

Jaibez R.

I was recovering from a health issue when I found out about Michele and I was quite down actually with some anxiety and questions about integrating my past and present, and future. Michele was amazingly insightful and offered her very sound perspective on similar experiences (she has lived, you need a guide who has, in my opinion) and even with my feeling some sticking points, Michele was perceptive and patient and a very progressive thinker. She is exactly who you want on your side when you need to have a look at yourself from a more sympathetic place. I really recommend Michele for issues of your heart and spirit.

Curly C.

As a breathwork practitioner myself, I found Michele’s sessions to be carefully crafted and I leave with a sense of peace of mind that lasts for several days. Thanks, Michele! 🙂


Wowmazing! Michele’s a stellar practitioner fully aware of every aspect during the holotropic breath work process! Our session together resurfaced a buried trauma that was 10 years old! I cried and cramped as she guided me with care back to center! Perfect person to practice breath work with and beyond! Thank you Michele!

Anthony C.

I attended a breath work + sound healing class led by Michele. Getting lost in the rhythm of the breathwork helped me find a place of meditation that I had never experienced. I also adored her thoughtful incorporation of music into the session. I can’t wait for the next one!

Sarah L.

Beautiful experience. It elevated you to a different state of mind opens you up to let you experience beautiful moments. As a busy mom it’s a beautiful thing to make time for myself and this was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. To relax and meditate my mind is a beautiful thing. Thank you.

Maria E.

Fantastic evening of breath and sound work with Michele. I left feeling relaxed, restored, and very balanced. Thank you Michele, looking forward to your book!

Stephen T.

I attended my first full breathwork event with Michele last week, and can say it was intensely powerful. Very deep emotions came up to be cleared, and healed. I practice reiki fairly regularly and this breathwork practice got a little deeper and led me to a higher mental state than I’ve found with reiki alone. I’m currently working on healing my childhood trauma, building more self love and recognizing and working with my shadows, and absolutely recommend attending Michele’s session if you are ready to do deeper healing and transformative work. I’ll be continuing sessions with her. She has a very special
And unique ability to create a safe container for this kind of intimate inner work. She truly cares about helping others in their healing journey.

Kim W.

Looking for a new alternative to healing? Michele does an excellent job in guiding a comfortable group through breathwork and sound healing. Haven’t tried it? She is the informed and gentle in learning this technique. The experience has given me incite in major areas of life, uplifted moods, and transformed area I felt difficult to let go. Her class is a must try. Her as a person is easy to get to know. Treat yourself with transformation!

Maiden M.

Did the breathwork and sound healing session. I’m a beginner. It was very helpful for someone going through a lot of stress or anxiety. You will definitely feel more connected to yourself after a session.

Katy S.

I attended Michele’s session for the first time. I’m not new to meditation and breathing exercises but this experience blew me away! No pun intended, lol. I had never felt so much energy in my hands and feet. It was as if I was holding a ball of electricity and it was flowing through every Chakra and healing any hurt emotional or physical. I sensed many answers to questions I had been wrestling with. I highly recommend Michele and her sessions. I’ll be back in July! Thank you for Clearing My Mind!

Kristy J.

This Mindful Metamorphosis class is an experience that will stay with you! Michele does a wonderful job walking you the class with sounds and music. The advantages of the practice can be felt for days afterwards. I woke up the next morning feeling renewed and lifted. Definitely recommend it!

Joanne J.

I went to my first conscious breath work and sound healing session I have physical and emotional trauma. I felt very moved by this experience. Michele is a great moderator and guides you through with affirmations and sound. The breath work was truly amazing and very healing.

Karen B.

Michele has been amazing for me so far – she is resourceful in terms of YouTube tips support but also practical life example that she shares with me. She is always there for me when I need some re-anchor and get myself back on track. Thank YOU for everything Michele!

Nadine S.

I can’t say enough positive things about this breathwork and sound  healing experience! Set your intension, open your heart, mind and let Michele take you on a journey. It’s a must try spiritual adventure.

Holly M.

Awesome experience! I’ve recommended Michele to several of my friends and family. Looking forward to more breathwork sessions!

Rob N.

I loved the breathwork/meditation class that attended. I had been feeling restless and left the class feeling so refreshed and renewed. Michele created a very unique experience with good music, meditations and lights. Michele is really gifted at bringing people into a space and making you feel welcome and grounded.

Corrine S.

This has been an incredibly healing experience for me. Michele provides such great support and guidance. I have been to 2 sessions and cannot wait for the next. It has really help with migraines that I have sometimes.  I have left feeling so much peace and love. Everyone should experience this!

Jill B.

I had no idea what to expect but I just knew I needed something – ANYTHING – to jolt me out of my despair and to give my life a deep breath of fresh air. The breathwork part was very difficult for me because of my physical condition. The real power and awakening came during the sound bath, the second half of the experience. I never even thought a sound bath could be so magical. Michele is an amazing facilitator! She was very present, very mindful and very focused on her work and intention. If you are considering one of her workshops, here is your sign! Do it!

Marshall W.

I took a breathwork and sound class with Michele and it was wonderful! It was my first time and she was a wonderful guide through the experience. I’ll be going back for sure!

Dena J.

What a beautiful experience! I recommend this Michele’s breathwork and sound healing sessions anyone looking to further their journey toward inner peace. Thank you Michele!

Mercedes O.

Michele is an extremely helpful, inspiring and instructive coach. She is very thoughtful in her approach and has a great way of supporting her clients with the highest level of professionalism. I highly recommend Michele. She truly cares. Thank you Michele 🙂

Teresa B.
Mindful Metamorphosis was a journey like no other. I experienced vibrations in my body with Michele‘s breathing technique and sound therapy that I’ve never felt before. I’ve done breathing techniques such as Wim Hoff, which is spectacular. It just doesn’t compare to the style that Michele taught our class. Well worth the experience, I look forward to experiencing another session in the future. I want all of my family and friends to experience it as well.
Dallas M.

I attended Michele’s session for the first time. I’m not new to meditation and breathing exercises but this experience blew me away! No pun intended, lol. I had never felt so much energy in my hands and feet. It was as if I was holding a ball of electricity and it was flowing through every Chakra and healing any hurt emotional or physical. I sensed many answers to questions I had been wrestling with. I highly recommend Michele and her sessions. I’ll be back in July! Thank you for Clearing My Mind!

Linda S.

This Breathwork and Sound Healing session is the ultimate experience mind body soul and spirit. By far the most powerful dose of nature at its finest! Thank you🙏🏽🙌🏽

Drew A.

I still haven’t found the words to truly describe the breathwork and sound healing event I attended with Michele. It was amazing and inspiring and very cleansing (for lack of a better term) 🙂 I left calmer than I have felt in years. Thank you Michele!! I can’t wait to attend another event soon.

Maja W.

A beautiful experience! I had never done a beautiful or sound healing class before this. I didn’t expect so many people to be in the class and for me to be able to relax so deeply was very surprising. I recommend this class to everyone and will be returning to experience it again soon.

Deanna B.

Michele is a beautiful person because she’s leveraging her unique life experience to help people in ways that might not be accessible otherwise. I’m particularly impressed with the way she combines modalities to distil a practice that is more effective than trying to go it on your own – she can, and does, help blast through some of the frustrations I’ve felt trying to chart my own course with various treatment modalities for various life issues. Although I’ve been on the path now for years exploring some of these modalities in order to enhance my life, Michele’s course on emotional intelligence has opened my eyes not only to additional options but new ways to use what I’ve already been doing; she has added value to my life. Extra points for her incredibly positive attitude and energetic delivery.

Kakos T.

AMAZING place for peace, calmness and relaxation!! I highly recommend this. Michele Schalin is AWESOME!! This was my first time experience, which left me feeling so relieved of my aches, pains and stress. I am already looking forward to her next session. THANK YOU Michele!!

Margo D.

What a transcendent experience! I had the blessing of attending one of Michele’s breathwork and sound bath events here in Austin, and I would highly recommend it. The breathwork was very powerful and I could feel shifts occurring in my energy body. During the sound bath I thought I would float away in a sea of calm! Thank you Michele for a beautiful experience and for taking me on this transformative journey.

Brenda R.

Michele creates the most magical space and expansive experience for everyone. This past Friday’s Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing session was healing on so many levels and I cannot wait to attend the next one!

McKenzie O.

Attending Michele’s breathwork and sound healing sessions is a wonderful experience everyone should try

Bryan B.

I had a very relaxing and beautiful experience with Michele as a wonderful guide throughout the 2 hour breathwork and sound healing session! I would highly recommend it for anyone. I am a very active person from the moment I wake up all the way until I go to sleep, so taking the time to disconnect with technology and reconnect with my inner self and just breathe was just what I needed.

Zak P.

I met Michele end of 2020, after what has been an extraordinary year for all of us – we often talk about the negative of the pandemic, but there is also some positive. For me, I have been trying to get into meditation for a while and never managed – Michele explained things in such a simple way that it made it understandable/accessible. Also, she shared her own personal story and it really made it more real. I have been trying mediation for a few weeks now, and starting seeing some difference, it certainly helps me to be more grounded, better in my interactions with others and a happier person. So am very grateful to all the hard work Michele does and shared with me

Nadine S.

Awesome experience! I’ve already recommended Michele to several of my friends and family. Looking forward to more breathwork sessions!

Susan W.

Michele conveys complicated psychological processes in a clear and well structured manner, helping the person understand the deepest dynamics, always with positivity!

Dario D.

Everyone Needs This! I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop with Michele in January. This was not my first experience with sound therapy & breathwork, but it had been many years since I had the opportunity. My teenage daughter (first timer) enjoyed it as much as I did if not more! I hope everyone gets the chance to experience this in life! I like to think of it as a “spa treatment for your soul & spirit!” Michele is an expert at her craft & she will help you cultivate the path to finding what you’re searching for in any aspect of your life. If we all practiced like this, our world would be a much better place! Thank YOU Michele for being here for all of us in this capacity! We’re eternally grateful! I highly recommend to this to anyone!

Kristy P.

I love Michele! You will too. She has been so helpful to me whether it be through her posts, YouTube videos or workshops. She is very knowledgeable and conveys her wisdom in a clear, calm and cheerful manner. Lots of good resources from her. Michele’s experience is evident as she has done what she teaches in her own life. I highly recommend her.

Kaedean H.

Michele has a great program that she presents with a sense of humor. That’s what distinguished her program from many others I’ve considered taking.
She has a genuine interest in the development of her students. Her follow up is incredible and she is very accessible. Our continuing dialogue between sessions really helped me out.

Greg M.

Michele is absolutely captivating and dedicated to her passions. I love her energy and she has helped me become more comfortable in the difficulties I have spiritually. Some of our conversations we’ve had together are pieces that will always stick with me in my life. If you are gravitating towards opening your mind and meditating more soundly, she would be your ticket to success. I look forward to more classes and openings with her to improve my skill set.

Shelby M.

I have been listening to Michele’s presentations on InterNations for the past couple of months and love her talks. She shares so much wisdom, insights and experiences into what she shares. Her presentations are simple and comprehensive. I have also had the pleasure to speak with Michele one-on-one and have benefited greatly from her guidance and mentoring. I would highly recommend Michele to anyone looking to live a more mindful life, to truly be present with your thoughts, emotions without judgement. She is a true guide to help you embody holistic health for your mind, body and soul 🙂

Sophia W.

Michele is the absolute best! She has a wonderful perspective and mindset that makes working with her very easy, comfortable and fun. I highly recommend for anyone looking to better themselves.

Chris M.

Michele has helped to overcome my insecurities and have more control over my emotions both on a personal and professional level. I feel much better about myself and people close to me have seen my improvement immediately. I am extremely grateful for her help because thanks to her incredible methods, I have noticed all these benefits, much quicker than I expected. Also, Michele is a warm, adorable, and  energetic person, with a lot of empathy that spreads her positive energy quickly. She always has a smile! I highly recommend you contacting her. You will see progress immediately!

Montse U

Michele has a very warm, welcoming and accepting energy. I first came to her with concerns of feeling lost and anxious about my next steps  to take in my life. She shared her own story with me which I could relate to, and shared numerous useful resources which would help me focus on living in the moment, tuning into my body through meditative practice, and being kinder to myself through the whole process. She is a firm believer that we already have the answers within us, we must simply ask what it is we want and tune into the signals our body sends us in certain situations. Her advice to meditate on a daily basis has already started to take positive effect. Thank you Michele!

Alexia A.

I had some serious issues with chronic anxiety at the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 crisis. Michele customized a mindfulness and mediation practice that I could use everyday that helped me immensely. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person who has helped me change my life for the better.

Joseph N.

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Michele give a presentation on an InterNations discussion about experiences with altered states of consciousness. A fascinating topic and excellent delivery that led to a lively discussion between Michele and the audience. Michele has been generous with her time for follow up questions – which actually led to me picking up my paint brushes again for the first time in decades. Something I am immensely grateful for. Highly recommended!

Oliver S.

Michele’s workshops have been wonderful and effective in reaching deeper understanding and awareness.

Mike D.

Really great down to earth and practical teaching. Would thoroughly recommend Michele’s seminars to anyone wanting to know more about mindfulness and meditation.

Jamie M.

The mere presence of Michele makes you feel both pacified and empowered. She really digs the secrets of meaningful and fulfilling life, and she is willing to share these pearls. Have you ever felt that you see your path clearly, but everything around you is moving in the opposite direction, and you just need someone to hold you by the hand when you’re making your first steps? Well, that’s her! You will be in good hands!

Denis B.

Michele is a very knowledgeable woman. She has been amazing with me since the day we met. I felt the connection between us and I loved that she understood my story, my trauma and most of all me. She has given me a big treasure to be able to talk to her privately and explain to me the magic of the mindfulness and breathing. I really appreciate her because she gave me tools to live my life fully and learn to  process my feelings and feel more at peace.

Petra B.

Michele is one of the most committed women to spiritual evolution I have ever known. She is constantly observing herself and becoming a better version of a human being. She pays attention and really listens to you. You can count on her wisdom and experience to guide you through your own way. She has transcended and faced her own fears and continue to do so. I highly recommend to feel free to explore a new way with her.

Adriana A.

Nothing is coincidental and if you have reached this page now it is for a reason. Michele is the person who will smile, understand you, take you by the hand and accompany you on your spiritual and self-love journey. She also helps keep you motivated with excellent videos and articles.  I remember the message written on the mirror with lipstick: “I am enough”. It made all the difference in the world. Thank you Michele.

Angela S.

Michele creates a safe space so you can really allow yourself to be vulnerable. No judging involved. She’s so kind to your soul that you realize that you haven’t been and so then you can learn how to be. Being in this space makes the healing happen almost on its own.

Georgia B.

Michele is a great listener, great professional and just an all around awesome person. With her guidance and kindness, she has helped me to feel more positive and empowered when I was down. I can talk about anything with her. She always has great suggestions to help me see things in a more positive way. That I am learning and growing from challenges instead of looking at them as problems.

Elena H.

Michele is a very positive, generous and dynamic person. Talking to her regularly has improved my life. She shares many quality resources with me; videos, articles, etc…, and then we discuss them. This has really helped me in my life. She is an incredible woman with beautiful energy. It is a pleasure to spend time with her. She makes my day!

Gema S.

From the very first moment Michele helps you to achieve your objectives. She has the knowledge and experience to guide you and teach you techniques to help you pursue any life goals for the rest of your life. Thank you Michele!

Alex A.

Michele helped me feel like I wasn’t alone and was a great support and she shared great tools and exercises that helped me gain more peace of mind.

Susan S.

Michele’s coaching has been really useful in helping me change the way I view myself and how I interact with the world, giving me more belief in myself and stopping me from being ruled by negative thoughts.

Paul C.