Michele Schalin

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Walk the Walk

Michele walks the talk of mindfulness and self-discovery. It is easy to get lost in a conversation with Michele and find yourself making powerful life changes. After conversing next to a bonfire hosted by a mutual friend, I was mesmerized by Michele’s perspective on the mental health crisis in America. Michele’s heartfelt wisdom helped me …

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Laura Russell

After working with Michele for just over a year, I am amazed by the invaluable role she has played in promoting a shift in my perspective. With her support, I am developing a deeper understanding of how my mind, body, and spirit work together. As Michele regularly offers insights and practices to incorporate into my …

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Rick Diamond

I was part of one of Michele’s Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing sessions and it was a powerful, moving experience. Michele guided us through the process with clarity, the Breathwork was very effective for me, and the sound healing was very beautiful and centering. I look forward to participating again. Thank you, Michele!

Christina Wisdome

I had my first ever breath work meditation experience with Michele yesterday. It was truly incredible, and it far surpassed my expectations. I was able to connect with the tremendous love inside myself, plus release some old, unnecessary energy – all with the aid of my own breath and Michele’s insightful guidance! I highly recommend …

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Rachael Peterson

I enjoyed one of Michele’s group holotrophic breathwork sessions and it was wonderful. It was my first time experiencing holotrophic breathing and Michele explained the process, brought everyone a drop of peppermint oil to clear our passageways and really took the time to explain and prepare us for the session. She was well organized and …

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Such a great experience at a Mindful Metamorphosis breathwork and sound session. Even more so I was so pleased on how gentle, soft and caring Michele was. I’ll def go back to one of her events and I look forward to learning from her as well.

As a breathwork practitioner myself, I found Michele’s sessions to be carefully crafted and I leave with a sense of peace of mind that lasts for several days. Thanks, Michele! 🙂


Wowmazing! Michele’s a stellar practitioner fully aware of every aspect during the holotropic breath work process! Our session together resurfaced a buried trauma that was 10 years old! I cried and cramped as she guided me with care back to center! Perfect person to practice breath work with and beyond! Thank you Michele!

I attended a breath work + sound healing class led by Michele. Getting lost in the rhythm of the breathwork helped me find a place of meditation that I had never experienced. I also adored her thoughtful incorporation of music into the session. I can’t wait for the next one!