Michele Schalin

Breathwork and Sound Healing Sessions

Conscious Breathwork & Sounding Healing is a guided journey that enables you to explore within, transcend your ego, open your heart, and safely alter your state of consciousness for healing.

Everyone who tries this wants to do it again!
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Breathwork is the fastest way to get out of your head and connect to both your body and your intuition. For many people, it facilitates an emotional purging, leaving you feeling lighter and clearer. In essence, you are relearning to inhabit your body, establish new pathways in the brain and cultivate emotional and relational intelligence.

With this practice you can heal your negative experiences, resentments, and blockages from the body. We all have stuck energy within us in the form of suppressed emotions that cause so much of our emotional and physical suffering.

This technique moves a lot of energy in your body to help you heal emotionally and physically. When it’s accompanied by the sound frequencies of crystal singing bowls, gongs and chimes, it permeates every cell of your body, bringing emotional, mental and physical relief, while putting the brain into a meditative state.

This is a 2 hour session with gentle movement to start, 45 minutes of breathwork, 30 minutes of sound therapy and a sharing circle at the end.

These modalities are used to:

  • Open up and clear stagnant energy
  • Clear repressed and suppressed emotions stored in the body
  • Emotional balance
  • Helps with depression and anxiety
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases energy
  • Decreases inflammation and physical pain
  • Increases creativity
  • Mental clarity
  • Heal and integrate traumas
  • Open doorways within yourself
  • Clearing negative belief systems
  • Past Life Recall
  • Opening and actualizing dormant superpowers within
  • Produces an overall peaceful state of wellbeing

At a bare minimum, you will have a super charged meditation that provides great clarity , stress relief and a big boost to your immune system. On the other side of the spectrum, there are an infinite amount of possibilities including a sense of oneness, emotional release, trauma healing, bliss, transformation, visions, and much more.