Michele Schalin

Mindful Metamorphosis

The life that you are experiencing is the creation of your own mind.

Change your thoughts and you will change your life!

Once I understood that my thought process and belief system created my life, I realized my internal environment (my thoughts and beliefs) had much more power and control over my life than my external environment (people and events). The victim mentality of blaming outside circumstances no longer served me and I was on a quest to learn as much as I could on how to reprogram my brain.

This is Mindful Metamorphosis.

A profound transformation in your thoughts, beliefs and your outlook on life. This is what happened to me between 2017-2020, hence my company name.

For the last 30 years I have been on a path of self-improvement and spiritual growth, always trying to evolve, but in 2017 my husband and I separated after 27 years (now ex) and I relocated to Spain alone to improve my Spanish.

This was one of the biggest adventures of my life!  Spain is a beautiful country, and I had incredible, amazing, experiences and I cultivated friendships with many interesting people from countries over the world. It enriched my life in so many ways and I will be forever grateful for the experience.

At the same time I was so outside my comfort zone, my growth really cranked up! I realized I was finally facing the biggest fear in my life head on, being alone. I couldn’t have been more alone. I left my country, my home, my family and friends, I couldn’t express myself well with the language and I didn’t feel like I belonged. My entire life was completely different from what I had known and I was still reeling emotionally from my marriage being in shambles. Although I put on a “brave face”, many did not know I was afraid, depressed and had chronic anxiety and physical pain.

I was just starting to feel more comfortable being alone, with the Spanish culture and the language when COVID-19 hit and my growth ramped up to warp speed! Spain had some of the severest restrictions in the world and social life became nonexistent for most. I spent 7 weeks alone in a one room studio with no balcony or yard space, without touching anything living! I wasn’t allowed to be farther than one kilometer from my house. If I had gone too far and was stopped by police, I would have a large fine. After the quarantine, many restrictions continued for another 14 months.

Mindfulness Techniques Work!

This environment accelerated my growth beyond anything I could have imagined as I took advantage of A LOT of alone time (the most in my entire life). I continued to experiment with different styles of meditation for anxiety, sleep, cultivating self-love, forgiveness, emotional healing, raising my vibrational energy, and spiritual connection. I practiced breathwork and journaled regularly. I listened to and recorded my own personal affirmations and practiced gratitude every day. I took courses on brain training and binged on videos, books and podcasts on spirituality, self-improvement and motivation, reprograming your brain, and mindful techniques.

I limited any negative input with news, social or people. I rarely watched any TV and only watched documentaries occasionally.

I did everything in my little room; worked, studied, ate, exercised, meditated, danced, recorded videos and audios, wrote, slept and even indulged in psilocybin therapy with amazing results!

I had noticed positive changes in my thinking and behavior before, but with this intensive work I began seeing massive improvements. I told my friends I felt like my little place was a cocoon and I was coming out a butterfly, feeling more grateful, happy, strong and confident.  I had my very own mindful metamorphosis!

I learned amazing techniques to calm my mind and body. I understood and noticed my thought patterns more and learned how to have more control over them and regulate my feelings. I learned that my negative thoughts not only made me miserable, but they actually suppressed my immune system and caused me to have severe anxiety attacks and chronic pain in my back and neck.

I finally understood what triggered anxiety in me (there is a list) and I learned fantastic coping techniques to help me deal with it. I learned to reprogram my mind and actually changed the sub conscious beliefs that were holding me back in my life.

I had feelings of total bliss and peace like I had never known before. They were brief and infrequent at first, but now they happen regularly and are all immensely joyful and profound.

I had an intense emotional healing and elevated spiritual consciousness.

Am I in a “Zen like state” all the time? NO!! I wish!!  I sometimes fall back into old thinking and behavior from a lifetime of programming, but it happens less and less. I know this a part of the process as you reprogram your mind. At least now I know that I am not crazy.

“Once you see how crazy you are, that crazy no longer owns you.” Dan Harris

Now, I have awareness and tools to help me change direction quickly to adjust my thoughts and beliefs. It really is magnificent when you understand the power of our minds. But we all still need regular positive input to remind of this because of all the cultural conditioning we have received all of our lives.

The KEY….UNDERSTAND THIS IS A PROCESS. It is brain training. Just like you train your body with physical exercise. You are reprogramming your mind to unlearn conditioned beliefs and responses you have inherited from your family and culture and replacing them with YOUR belief system.  It just takes education, awareness and practice. I had amazing results during the 3 ½ years Í was in Spain, but I know this is a process I will continue for the rest of my life and it’s very exciting to me!

By learning to live more mindfully you achieve more emotional balance and healing to feel more relaxed, content, grateful and peaceful, not to mention getting the life you want and deserve!

You can have your own mindful metamorphosis if you so choose! Contact me if you want a qualified guide to help you!