Michele Schalin

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Rick Diamond

I was part of one of Michele’s Conscious Breathwork & Sound Healing sessions and it was a powerful, moving experience. Michele guided us through the process with clarity, the Breathwork was very effective for me, and the sound healing was very beautiful and centering. I look forward to participating again. Thank you, Michele!

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“Michele Schalin gives a raw and honest account of her own personal journey to healing that resonates with each and every one of us profoundly. Her vulnerability in sharing is the real power of her testament.”

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Johanna Gardner

This book is jam packed with valuable content to help you become the best version of yourself. Michelle has included so many references (could be a reference book!) to all the new and older self help practices all tied together with of why keeping our chemistry positive is just as important as our minds. It’s

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Tania Haggis

Metamorphosis is an enlightening and powerful read that combines authenticity with deep self-reflection. The author with courage shares her own personal challenging journey, insights and practical techniques. Michele has a warm and beautiful style that invites readers to explore their emotions, identify their toxic traits, and envision the greatest version of themselves. Then do it!

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A brilliant and authentic account of one’s own journey of self-discovery, healing and spiritual transformation! Michele’s story is told in a very sincere and emotional tone, which makes it relatable and deeply touching. This book is both an easy read and an abundant source of practical wisdom.

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Elisa Consolini

What a great companion to making real changes in today’s frenetic world. I loved the author’s real examples of her own life and also the “homework” prompts at the end of each chapter. It’s a great balance between spirituality, science and common sense which makes its advice and guidance so easy to actually apply to

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Simon Snaith

Through her own authentic experience, Michele outlines a pertinent combination of approaches and techniques in the areas of mindfulness and meditation, as well as other related areas, in order to deal with our past traumas and move forward with taking control of our lives. Her style is concise, approachable and engaging and she speaks from

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