Michele Schalin

Embracing Your Fears

Just like anything in life, when you change your approach to something,  that “something” changes. Whether you outlook is positive or negative, it changes every life experience you’ll have. Our fears are no different.

Generally our approach to our fearful thoughts is to run away, to distract ourselves, pretend the fears don’t exist, anything… but actually feel them. We act as though our fear is a monster.  Or we must be doing something wrong and we shouldn’t feel this way. This view causes our fears to grow and cause much bigger problems; chronic anxiety, severe depression, sleeping problems, physical pain, suicidal thoughts, addictions and disease. Unfortunately this the cultural norm for many modern societies and it causes immense human suffering. There is a better way!

We can change our approach and turn towards our fears. We can learn to embrace them with compassion, like you would a fearful child. We can talk to them and learn from them.  We can learn to permit ourselves to cry, scream to heal and get the energy out!  Only then, will these emotions let go and leave our bodies. The fear will then lose it’s hold on us. We start to feel less anxious and experience a more peaceful feeling very quickly, permitting us to function much better in our lives.

Most of us were never taught how to process our emotions; how to face them, how to learn from them and release them. But it is never too late to learn this invaluable process, share it with others, especially our children.

There are many simple meditation techniques and mindfulness exercises you can learn to practice that help many people.  With this approach, I’ve had great success  in my own life lessening fear, anxiety and depression and I gladly share this information with all my clients. 🙂