Michele Schalin

Meditation Workshop 12-2020

MEDITATION WORKSHOP  Saturday, December 19, 2020 5-6:30 pm GMT+1 – Spanish time.
Online Zoom Event

I am really excited about this event because meditation is the most popular topic people ask me information about. Meditation is one of the most versatile tools you can use to benefit every area of your life. We are so happy to share this information with you!

Hazel Everard, will share her experiences as a beginner meditator. Some struggles she has had and the benefits she has already seen.

I will be talking about the information the scientific community has been sharing with us on the many benefits of meditation after decades of research and studies. I will also share how mediation has helped me with anxiety and other strong emotions, healing from emotional trauma, and spiritual connection.

After my talk I will have participants go into breakout rooms to interact with others about your experiences or your interest in meditation.

Amanda Kellett is a trained mediation guide. I attended  her mediation group every week for almost a 1 ½ before the quarantine. She is amazing. She will teach us different styles of meditation and then guide us in a 10-15 minute Heart Focused Mindful Meditation. 

All of my workshops will be the 3rd Saturday each month at 5 pm GMT+1 Spanish time. They will all be free, interactive and international.  Each time I will have an event page on my website for every event with  short videos of the speakers and text to explain what topics will be discussed.